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A text that speaks for the tender end.

How precarious the body becomes with the shiver.

                  The patience we have whilst facing the fire

And how can we resist the hands?

What remains unnamed keeps me

Meticulously alive,

                  *embroiders patiently*

Precarious tension

That keeps me suspended before the incommensurable shiver

-of (not) being.

"La escalera" is a piece that alludes to embroidery samples called "dechado" in Spanish. Many of these pieces were made by little girls in their endeavors to learn how to embroider. Today, there are samplers that are the only trace of existence of some women. 

I wanted to create a piece that spoke of the fragility and precariousness of existence through a naïve discourse. The nature of embroidering paper entails a meticulous handmade work. I am interested in creating pieces that reflect the process that they were made with, I like to make the hand present with the stubborn process. The patience and care for the embroidered paper is another reference to a precarious existence.The piece refers to a patience I have in my process that I sometimes resent. But I also think that there is a patience facing the tender end, or even a sort of neglect.


Installation for the MA1 Contemporary Art Practice Degree Show at Royal College of Art, 2023.

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