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        I understand the hand as a symbol, as a sign, as meaning and altogether  as the constructor of symbols, signs and meaning.

In the precariousness of all of language’s attempt to describe, with all its adjectives, verbs, tenses and tensions; we know that metaphors are too poor, too manipulated to feel, to touch, to interpret. I am interested in redundancy, insistence, resistance in the permanence through a posture that reminds me of existence itself. I explore absurdity and tautology to allude to immanence in the world, how exploring existence itself becomes tautological.

The intense need that I have for process is a discursive and symbolical path where I realize again, that I am talking about -to?- hands. 

Every little obsession that takes over, it makes all the difference to have an unnecessary element, it speaks of a tender stubbornness, of a precarious existence. Desperately thrown to necessarily unnecessary ideas, pieces, jokes, embroideries, drawings and texts, such as this one. 

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