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a tientas

           The world's apprehension happens through touching (a tientas). I am interested in playing with sensorial touch and sensible touch. 
Braille is a form of writing that parts from touch; language responds to sensible and symbolic needs that can be expressed in diverse uncommon communication forms.

tacto braille.jpg

 "tacto"  ("touch")

para entender esto tienes que tener tact

"Para entender esto tienes que tener tacto,
es como el arte."
(To understand this, there needs to be touch, it's like art.)


a tientas.jpg

"a tientas..."
(Through tempting)

alfabeto braille.jpg

Braille's corresponding alphabet

puto el que lo toque.jpg

This piece says “Puto el que lo toque” (Puto he who touches it)

-"Puto" is Mexican slang for cowardice mostly.

el arte no se toca.jpg

"el Arte no se toca"
(Art is not to be touched)



error de dedo.jpg

"error de ded*" 
directly translates to "typo" 

"Corporeality is not a secondary experience; human existence is fundamentally a corporeal estate.
We touch objects and capture their essence before we are capable to speak about them.
Touch is the sense that integrates our experiences of the world and of ourselves; mi body reminds me of who I am and how i situate myself in the world."

Juhani Pallasmaa

Texto Juhani Pallasmaa.jpg
tócame esta.jpg

"tócame ésta"
(touch this one)

"Extraño tu tacto."
(Miss your touch)

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