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“Enjoyment is the very shiver of the self.” My work overcomes me because it justifies my very being in the world. 

I want to speak of the unquantifiable, of the incommensurable overwhelming shiver. Naïveté becomes a celebration of precariousness: intuitiveness is the way that I have found to access a world that is prelinguistic. Of what is unnamed because it escapes language, and all of its flimsy words. I have found that the best way to reach what moves me is through intuitiveness, tenderness and naïveté. What links us to the world but have taken for granted. The surface is only grazed if not appreciated. Because we forget about it all, we forget the body, neglect our experience of the world and leave (live) it as an intellectual one. We will forget everything that matters before weeping for it. Dying for the invisible, that is metaphysics.

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